warren buffetts interview with the financial crisis inquiry commission

March 17, 2021

This podcast is about the financial crisis inquiry commission and the way the commission’s mission has evolved over the course of its 18 years of existence. We talk about the recent, and future financial crisis inquiry commission hearings, and how this commission has evolved.

Our goal is to learn more about this process and the impact it is having on the financial system, and whether or not the commission was too aggressive in its investigation.

It’s been 18 years since the financial crisis inquiry commission was set up, and that’s actually one of the longest periods of time for this commission. The financial crisis inquiry commission was set up to investigate the causes of the crisis, but one of the things the commission has done over the years is move the hearing process from a strictly judicial function to a more deliberative one. It’s a process in which the commission hears from the “persons who know the facts.

Here we are, with the end of the investigation, in an interview with the financial crisis inquiry commission, who have already given the testimony of this one.

“I hope you will not be disappointed,” said Richard Werner. “We expect you to be able to make your own judgment and to make your own conclusions, as we do.

In my opinion, it is a waste of time and energy, a waste of taxpayers’ money. And that’s the point: it wastes money. The government has already spent a lot of money on this because we know the facts. The most important thing is to see the facts. We don’t need a committee of accountants to explain.

The main reason we were so worried about this is that the government has a good idea of what we have to do. And we want to be sure that it’s not going to happen. It doesn’t even have a name to protect me from the government. The government has a good idea of what our government is going to do.

The government has been very clear about what it will do. In the budget it had a plan for the budget, what the government would do, and the amount of resources it had available to work with. But more importantly, they have a plan for budget cuts. This is not something they have done before, so we dont know what their plan to reduce spending looks like. What we do know is that it looks like it will be quite a bit.

Yes, I mean, the government will do something, but the government is more than a little bit clear about what it plans to do. Do you think we are going to spend $150 billion on health care, or $100 billion on education, or more than $10 billion on healthcare or education? That is not going to look so good. We would need some of the $10 billion we have to spend on infrastructure to get there.

We might be able to get some of those things done in a couple of months.

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