security job interview question

January 16, 2021

My friend and co-worker, Katelyn, had an interview recently and asked me to ask her questions about the security job she was applying for. I’m not the best at explaining security jobs because the job description is pretty large and can be a bit daunting. However, Katelyn asked me a really good question and I think you’ll agree that the answer is much simpler.

When I was a kid, I was a security guard. I never asked my boss to show me how to do anything, but I do remember one day when I walked into the security office and saw a lady in a suit and heels. She was walking to the counter where I was working and I said “hey, I’ll take these.” I took them and was surprised when she asked me to leave and not to come back ever again. I never did ask her for help again.

Just like I told you earlier, she wasn’t asking for help, but for answers. She was asking for help with the fact that I had actually been a security guard. The difference is that she didn’t know I had been a security guard, but she did know that I had never asked for help. I think the important thing is that this woman wasn’t asking for help, she was asking for information.

That’s a very different kind of question that, instead of giving a vague hint about why you shouldn’t return, tells you what you need to know to leave. We have to ask questions like that. It’s true that you can’t ask for that information, but you can ask for it.

Just because you can’t ask for information does nothing to change the fact that, even though we were here before we decided to visit you, I thought that you’d make up the information, and that’s how we ended up here.

Well guess what? I was right.

Its still an interesting question, and its not hard to imagine the answer being different. I suspect that the reason why people leave security jobs is because their bosses are a little too creepy. It may seem a little silly, but it happens to many people. Ive always been a little embarrassed by the fact that I keep getting jobs that are more or less the same as the first time I ever took one.

It’s possible, though it takes a special kind of person to be a security guard. You’d think that a company would want to hire a person that is used to getting shit done, that has a few degrees of self-discipline, and that thinks that being a guard is a lot more fun than being a cop.

It could be that they just didn’t see the funny side. You might think that a person with a degree of self-discipline and a little bit of a sense of humor would be the right candidate. In reality though, you’re probably going to get a gig not because you have the skills they need, but because they think you’re a bit of a bitch. But then you do have skills, and a bitch is not your cup of tea.

Our main reason for going to the interview was to get some information that I think would be helpful to the other team members, especially since I wanted to get to know everyone better. The best thing about the interview was that it was a full-time job, so everyone was just so happy and relaxed.

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