ronda rousey post fight interview video

June 7, 2021

Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Kaufman is an incredible fight that will be watching all summer long. This fight took place in the UFC in May 2015, and was televised nationally on pay-per-view. You may have seen the fight live from the UFC’s main event, so if you haven’t, you can get the full replay below.

Ronda is a very good fighter, and she is at her best when she is not being controlled by someone else. She has a big right hand which she uses to power her kicks, and she can go low and hard with it. Sarah is a very good striker and she is strong enough to throw the top tier of the women’s division, as well as someone who has a good takedown defense.

We were told by the editor of the site that the main fight is between Colt and one of the new-look champions, Nick Diaz. The editor suggested that you have to take a look at the video and see why Nick Diaz is so good at it. He’s not much of a fighter, but he does look really good.

There’s a guy who works for the company that provides the weapons for the new Visionary team. He’s a very friendly guy with a great attitude.

Its kinda interesting that the only two people who seem to be in the fight with Nick Diaz are Colt and Nick Diaz. Colt is the guy in the white tuxedo looking like some kind of a mad scientist, and Nick Diaz is the guy with a white shirt and a bow tie. I think it might have something to do with all the “I’m from the future” jokes in the video.

You can always find a fight to start a fight, but no one really has to go through with it at all. If you’re going to fight someone, you’re going to fight them. So if you’re going to put on a fight, you’re going to put on a fight. And that’s what you’re doing here. You’re putting on a fight. You’re putting on a fight, and even if you don’t win, you’re still putting on a fight.

I think there are two ways to explain the fighting. One is, “This guy is really strong, and he’s really strong. And he’s really strong, and he’s really strong.” And I can understand that. I think that is a legitimate, honest way to explain it. But in another sense, the other way is, “This guy is really strong, and he’s really strong.

The other way would be, when you’re playing with your friends, we all have different personalities, and that’s why we have to be stronger. And this is what makes this game so much stronger. When you die at the end of the fight, it’s not because you’re weak, but because you’re strong. And when you’re on the ground, you’re stronger.

ronda rousey, a.k.a. Ronda Rousey, is the female champion of the UFC. Her latest fight was against Holly Holm, and she defeated Holm by unanimous decision, which is pretty impressive for a woman who only started fighting professionally in 2011.

This is a tough fight, but it makes sense. Ronda Rousey has been fighting in MMA since the beginning of the year. She’s always been fighting on the heels of her partner Holly Holm, so while it may not be the greatest fight for her, it’s a good opportunity to go for it.

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