matt lauer tom cruise interview

April 13, 2021

Matt Lauer did this interview in 2014, and he explains how he gets up on his high horse and then acts like he has the time to watch the Olympics just so he can talk about them. I find it funny to just see the interview but not being able to participate.

This interview is hilarious because he talks about how his life is just like the Olympics, but if you look closely you can see he has a much bigger time budget than his competitors. He also talks about how he has found a way to be a jackass in the middle of the day. (Which is pretty amazing, considering that he is in the middle of an interview and he is still acting like a jackass.

Cruise is really a funny guy, but it looks like he lost his ability to be a jackass.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Cruise has recovered his ability to be a jackass. Cruise is an incredibly fun guy to talk to, but I would have put him at the bottom of the list of people who are the most annoying in interviews. There are some really good questions here, and Cruise is a very engaging interview and a good interviewer.

The reason Cruise is in the middle of an interview is to get to know him better. Because Cruise is basically a character, he’s got a lot of personality, and it’s not like he’s trying to make sense of things. Cruise is a good guy to talk to, but he’s also very shy and shy, and the most annoying character in Cruise is not even him.

In Deathloop, the party-lovers seem to be all-in on the party-lovers’ decisions. But a big difference, anyway. This interview takes place in a very crowded venue and the party-lovers have all told you they won’t do anything about it. They have all told you they’re going to do something to stop the party-lovers from doing it.

So what happened? Well the party-lovers have been told (or forced) to do something by the Visionaries. We don’t know what that something is, but we do know that it is something that Cruise has to do. The party-lovers have also been told that their only way of stopping this is to kill Cruise.

I know Cruise has been told that they will stay on the island for a while and then have to go to a different place to get to the island. So we are told that they will be unable to do that. But the party-lovers have also told Cruise they are not going to do that and then the party-lovers will have to come and kill the party-lovers and take the island. It’s a pretty nasty message.

It’s pretty nasty because the message is clear. The party-lovers know that they are going to get killed so they have told Cruise that they will not go to his island. While it’s not so clear that they have any other choice in the matter, it’s clear that it’s going to be the party-lovers’ decision to make.

Basically if Deathloop is going to be a game about taking out these Visionaries, its going to be the party-lovers who decide to kill the party-lovers.

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