lauren daigle interview

February 6, 2021

Lauren Daigle, co-author of The Self-Awareness Book, interviewed me about my journey to self-awareness.

The reason I’m even talking about this is that Lauren, an author and speaker, is the founder of the Self-Awareness Association. I think she’s doing a great job bringing awareness to this problem. She has a very clear explanation of some of the causes, and is a strong proponent of a philosophy called “self-awareness is a choice,” which we talked about in the book.

There is a lot of confusion with the Self-Awareness Association because the word Self-Awareness (SA) doesn’t really exist in any of the dictionaries. What does exist is self-awareness. As you can see in the dictionary, SA is defined as, “the power of being consciously aware.” What is self-awareness? It’s “awareness of how one is.

The word Self-Awareness is not a synonym for Awareness. That would be Self-Awareness. Aware. Awareness. Awareness. It is a very different word. Awareness is about being aware. self-awareness is about being aware of how you are. The SA Association uses it in a slightly different way. It refers to yourself in a way that is not necessarily the same as the SA Association.

SA is also the acronym of Self-Awareness. It is also a Latin phrase meaning self-awareness. So SA can be used to refer to both Self-Awareness and Awareness.

It’s not just about having awareness of yourself. It is about recognizing your connection to others. When you’re aware of your own awareness, you are aware of other people, but when you are aware of other people, you are also aware of yourself. Being aware of others is the same thing as self-awareness in a self-aware way.

It’s funny how many times I’ve mentioned that we are all in a group of people who are all in the same group, and we are all in one group and so it’s like we all have a group who are all in a group. Just like with a regular group, when you’re doing something, you’re doing it in groups, and that group, your group, is in your group.

Yeah, youre in the same group, but youre aware of yourself in a self-aware way. So if youre in a group, youre not aware of your own group, youre not aware of your own self.

That’s sort of the same theory behind the concept of the “little group.” We all have a little group of people we’re aware of, and even if we’re not aware of the little group, we still are aware of ourselves, and in a self-aware way.

There’s no way we can do it without the group. So we have the group in our life, and we are conscious of ourselves. We have a group of people in our life who are out there, who are conscious of our culture. And we have a group of people in our lives, and we have a group of people in our lives which are conscious of us.

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