jay wilds intercept interview

February 18, 2021

Jay, who hosts the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” and is a big wine fan, recently sat down with me for an interview. Jay, you may know me as Jay Wilds, but we actually used to be Jay Wilds & the Food Network.

I don’t know if I could call myself a “foodie” today. I’m not a wine connoisseur, nor am I a beer snob. I’m more of a beer and wine connoisseur, and this is the best interview I’ve ever had. I can also say I haven’t had a decent meal in the past seven or eight months, so I think I’m in a good position to appreciate food. I appreciate that.

Your name is Kay-Yeh, and I’ve been following you for some years. You may have heard about Jonny’s new novel, The Naked Heart, which is really good. I’ve also been reading your books, but this whole thing doesn’t make sense. Jonny is a nice guy, but he’s also a bad guy and has some great stuff in the book. He’s a decent guy.

Well, Kay-Yeh, Jonny is a bad guy. I mean, I dont know who he is, but he is a bad guy. But he doesnt know who Jonny is. I mean, hes supposed to be a good guy, but he just keeps going on about how bad he is. Its like he thinks every single thing that he does could be considered a good thing. The thing is, Kay-Yeh, Jonny is a bad guy.

I think Kay-Yeh is wrong, but I am not sure she understands why. Jonny is supposed to be a good guy, but he is a bad guy. You don’t always need to be a good guy to be a bad guy. Also, Kay-Yeh’s own good guy is the guy who runs “The White House” and he is a bad guy.

If Jonny was a good guy, his behavior would be better. I don’t know how Jonny is doing, but I do know that he is a bad guy. If he is a good guy, he will be a bad guy, and I think it is much more likely that his behavior is a good thing than it is a bad thing. In fact, I think Jonny is more likely to be a good guy when he is a bad guy.

I’m not saying that Jonny is a bad guy because he wants the bad guy to be bad bad. I’m saying that Jonny is doing so because he wants the world to see that he is a bad guy. He wants to show that he is not a good guy. But there is no good guy that would want to be a bad guy. I don’t know Jonny’s motivation for being a bad guy, but I do know that he is a bad guy.

Thats why I like to call him the bad guy. A bad guy doesnt have to do anything bad to be a bad guy. The only thing he does is not do anything. He is a good guy. Thats why he is a bad guy. The only thing he has to be good about is not to be a bad guy. I just feel that every time someone talks about a bad guy, it makes me get a little uneasy.

Jay Wilds is a “bad guy”. He is a “bad guy” because he is the one who goes after the bad guys. He is the one that gets things done. Even if he knows it, he is good at being a good guy. The bad guy doesnt get any respect. He cant even get a job at the club anymore. He just sits in his office all day and gets coffee. He doesnt even have a job.

I feel the same way about the guy at the mall. He is a bad guy, but he is a good bad guy, because he makes everyone else better. He is not bad, because he does not have any of the qualities that most people would consider bad. He is good because he lives his life. He is good because he does his job. He has to do his job even when he is at the mall waiting for people to come to him.

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