interview questions for sales engineer

March 21, 2021

If you have ever been in sales, you know that there are questions you don’t expect to be asked, and there are questions you don’t expect to be asked in a sales position. Here are some questions I’ve had on the mind of sales engineers I think you’ll find helpful.

Yes, of course. Please keep them on your resume. There are some great questions to ask yourself, but they do need to be answered.

How do you know if your sales and marketing skills are correct? If they aren’t, don’t even ask.

I think the above is a common sales-training question, but I find that the answer is not as simple as it seems. I think the sales engineer’s response should be based on how much the customer is actually looking for what the salesperson is selling. For example, if the customer has a different type of customer than the salesperson, the sales engineer should be able to look at sales volume and see that it is not the right time to push something new.

A couple of other questions…

Why do customers stop talking to salespeople?I think this question is a great one, but its application is very unique because the customer’s behavior is not like what you would normally see. I think the same thing goes for when the customer is in the middle of a sale you are trying to make. If the salesperson is trying to sell something and no one is buying it, then the salesperson should stop talking.

Its great because it is the salesperson and not the customer that is doing the talking. That is a very unique thing as it is the one who is in the meeting to sell things. The customer is the one who is trying to get the salesperson to sell them something.

There is a little more to the sales process than just the selling. The sales person should also be the one who is asking the questions. When I was selling to the salespeople I would usually ask them questions that I knew the salesperson was asking. I would ask them questions like, “Why are you doing this?” or “What’s the problem?” It was a way to see the salesperson’s eyes and ask what they were thinking.

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