interview questions for network engineer

January 27, 2021

If you are a network engineer, you probably have heard the phrase “networking is hard.” I have heard the phrase many times that it is so difficult to know where the other end of the conversation is. Networking is hard.

This isn’t just a hypothetical statement. When I got my first job in the network field, a friend of mine told me that he had lost his job due to networking errors. I told him that this was a ridiculous thing to say since he had been doing it for years.

Well, not really. The first job had been my first ever job, and my friend told me that he had been working there for several years. But, as it turns out, he had been working for a while and had never had any issues.

In other words, I did not get fired. But I got a job that ended up being my last job as a network engineer. That’s how I started it, as you saw it.

Network engineer jobs are typically found in the big corporations, or for those who have been in the industry longer, network engineers have had jobs for a while. You may have heard of some of these companies. A good example that I wanted to tell you about was Cisco. I came across Cisco during my first job at a network engineering company. Cisco was a little different then what I had experienced at my previous employer. There was no boss, and everyone knew everyone else. So there was no pressure.

Cisco was the place where I learned how to manage systems. It was also the place where I learned how to be a network engineer. I had the opportunity to work with lots of other engineers at the same time. I’m a nerd, so I’ve always been one. In fact, the engineering I did at Cisco, was actually one of my first jobs. I had the chance to work on the routers that were the backbone of the internet.

Cisco is just a large company with big name people, and big names are a great thing to have. I have a lot of respect for them. At Cisco, we had the privilege of talking with the people who built the routers that we all rely on. The people who built the routers that handle the traffic we all use every day. People like Keith Bostic, Steve Miller, and others. I think they all had a great sense of humor.

As it turns out, Cisco was an internet company. The people who built the routers, and the routers that our internet actually used, we’ll call them, created the internet. And they all had a great sense of humor.

Most people think that if you build a good internet, you don’t have to care about anything else. Sure, it’s nice to have a place to send your emails, or to read your news, or to get online for a few minutes, but what if we had a place where we could just work without worrying about anything other than the internet? That’s a pretty big deal.

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