interview fail

March 21, 2021

I’m usually a pretty good interviewee. I’m not always that good. I was a journalist for 15 years and I’ve been interviewing people for close to 20 years. I usually suck at interviewing people because I’m a busy person. I’m always looking for an excuse to be away from my computer and I have to make myself be available for interviews.

Interviewing people is a job. This means its very possible that you wont be able to interview people. This is the biggest reason Im not good at interviews. I have to take my time to find my way around people and be present for as much of what they offer as possible. I usually try to get people to talk about stuff that will help me understand their perspective and then I can ask them questions about the stuff that I do understand.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you to take your time. I’m a busy guy, and I’ve had to get used to interviews where people just walk in without even having said their name. I guess that since I’m usually the first person they speak to, it puts in my mind that I have to be available and willing to talk about whatever they have to say. I guess I don’t realize that this might be a bad thing.

Why should you try to be someone you’re not? Well, because you’re always changing and growing. You’re always adapting to new things and getting better. And no matter what, you always keep your head down and do what is required to keep the ship afloat.

The only time I really get the chance to talk with you about your business is when we’re meeting with our local community group. It’s a great idea and we love meeting you guys. We’re looking forward to meeting you again next year.

I’m always looking for a new business opportunity.

And you always have new opportunities to pitch, so don’t stop.

Youre always innovating, always adapting, and never settling for anything. The only reason I can think of to take a break is if the ship sinks or you get hit by a meteor. Which I can assure you is not the case, so don’t stop.

The idea of a business meeting is very fun. But you can’t just walk into a room and start talking to people without some sort of context. That’s why I always try to add an introduction or two. But most of the time I just leave it at that. So I would like to ask if you can explain how you work.

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