ikea phone interview

February 17, 2021

This is a real call. I don’t know why you thought it would be a good idea to ask me if you were going to be asking me (or any of them) to help you with your phone conversation. It was the first call you ever took.

I guess it was the first time any of you ever called me. I have to say I am impressed, and I am also proud of the fact that you called me.

Well, you know what? It was. I just dont know why I didnt ask you about it. I did ask for my opinion. I am not sure whether you did or not. I mean, if you asked me, I would have said “no, I dont think you should do it.

My phone interview was probably done because I was so busy talking to my phone that I simply didn’t have time to talk to my phone. But your phone interview probably wasnt done because you were being mean to it.

I will tell you what you did. I think you made a very good decision. You said you decided to go through Deathloop. I think you told me that you wanted to join a family and have a family. When you joined your family, you wanted to have it all. You were not like other families. You were a kid. You said the main thing was that you got to be a mother and that you wanted to be a father.

When I think of a family I just picture a family of two in a two-bedroom apartment. You could have also joined a family with a third person in the picture. It’s like a different family, but it’s also the same family. Your goal is to be a part of the family that you’ve always wanted to be a part of. You made a good decision.

I’d like to thank you, everyone, for being patient, because it’s always been a very rewarding lesson in life, but one I’m not sure you’re going to get.

What is it with you, alex, and this? What do you mean by this? I was just curious, and I wasn’t being nice to you.

You can take a hint from the comments about how awkward it was for me to ask you a question. If you weren’t being so annoying you’d have at least gotten a smile or two.

You were a good listener. I think you were always pretty good at talking to people, but I dont think youre gonna get me a nice answer.

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