dominique mcelligott interview

February 16, 2021

I’ve been a bit of a Dominique Mcelligott fan since I first read her blog and watched her TED Talk. I’ve always been fascinated with how she managed to get so many diverse people all excited about the same thing. I’ve found her to be very smart, compassionate, and funny. Her TED Talk is one of the best talks ever given.

One of the things I love about her is how she manages to not be afraid of any one thing or a group of people. She is very comfortable with being an outspoken feminist, an outspoken LGBT, a feminist, a conservative, a conservative woman, an outspoken atheist, an outspoken conservative, a outspoken bisexual, an outspoken woman, an outspoken Jew, a outspoken woman, an outspoken atheist, and a very funny woman. And her love for the internet definitely shows.

I think Dominique’s very open about the fact that she is a lesbian. She has been for a very long time and she doesn’t think she has ever fit into the traditional “straight” mold.

Dominiques views have definitely changed over time. For instance, she used to be an atheist who had very little belief in God, but since she has been an atheist her belief in God has grown. Dominiques belief in God is also a matter of choice and not something she is forced into. She likes her God, but she also likes the God that she chooses.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, none-one-one-one-one-one-one-one-one. And she does not like the God that she chose. She was a pretty good choice. She had a lot of flaws and didn’t really fit into the stereotypical straight mold.

Dominique’s faith is so strong, it would be easy to assume that she’s a bit more of a God than she is a god. And she has a lot of weaknesses. She doesn’t understand the power of the bible (unless she needs to). She doesn’t understand God’s wisdom and the power of the bible. She doesn’t understand God’s divine nature. She doesn’t understand the power of the bible (unless she needs to).

I’d like to see her answer my own question.

She is a girl and I have to say she is very pretty.

So, here is my question. I have three brothers. I am the youngest. I wish my brother had my looks. I wish he had my intellect. I wish he had my confidence. I wish that he was a little bit more like me.

Dominique, you are one of those girls that like to think they can be everything they want to be. You have that in spades. But you are not. You are not a girl who can be the most dominant person in the world. You are not the girl we all wish you were. And you aren’t even that girl.

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