cat stevens interview

July 2, 2021

This week’s episode of the Catstevens podcast is great because it is a show about human behavior. A human who is not afraid to make mistakes but who keeps them to himself.

“Catstevens” is an alter ego of an old college roommate of mine named Steven. He recently had a blog that got a lot of traffic and we were talking about it.

As it turns out Steven doesn’t know a lot about the things he’s talking about. What he does know is that he is afraid of being a failure. I’m not sure where he gets this idea. I’ll tell you what he does know though. He knows that he is afraid of failure and he loves it. His fear of failure is so great that he even put it into his own work.

Steven is also one of those guys who is constantly searching for the best way to do something. If you put this in the title, people will assume this is a “failure” story. I like that Steven is constantly looking for the best way to do something. He wants it to be perfect. He wants everyone to be happy. That is exactly what failure is, and that is the best kind of failure.

He’s a man that is constantly searching for the best way to do something.

The main reason to get into the game is that we’re so much more careful about our habits and routines than we ever were before. We are all programmed to “keep up” with our habits, routines, and impulses, and we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to make sure we are doing it right.

And if we fail, we fail us. It is not about the game being a perfect machine. It is about us. It is about what we do and how we behave.

That is exactly what cat stevens is saying here. He says that if we don’t take care of our habits and routines, then we will not only fail but we will be unable to do what we always have been trying to do.

Sounds like a great quote. He is exactly right and I think he’s exactly right and I think that all of us should be trying to do this every day.

We’re not talking about a game or the internet here. These are real people doing real things. These are people who are not afraid to fail, or who have a better shot at success, than the rest of us. They are trying to get on top of their habits, routines, impulses, and reactions. They are trying to be the best version of themselves. We all should be taking this seriously. We all should take ourselves seriously.

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